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Personalized Car Tint Installation in Miami

Offering a wide range of tinting options, Mr. TINT MIAMI is a local, family owned business in Miami.

We have the best rates in the South Florida market without compromising on the quality of our jobs.

Tinting for all Makes and Models of Cars

Mr. TINT MIAMI is a company that offers premium tinting services in the South Florida region. We specialize in window, headlight and tail light tinting for all makes and models of cars.

We offer high quality services at the best rates as we value customer satisfaction.

We have all types of tint to make sure we comply with the local laws that regulate the use of tint for motor vehicles in the state.

It also allows us to provide a personalized service that will suit your needs. Together with car tint installation, we provide premium car wraps.

«Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us»

Are Your Car Tint Legal ?

Window tinting for cars and other motor vehicles is regulated by laws in Florida. The percentage of visible light that is allowed through your car windows is known as Visible Light Transmission. It is different for sedan cars, SUVs, and vans.

Only non-reflective tint is allowed for sedan windshields, 28% of light in for front side windows and 15% light in for back side windows and rear windows. Windshields of SUVs and vans can only have non-reflective tint, 28% light in for front side windows and any darkness can be applied 6 inches from the top for back side and rear windows. Mr. TINT MIAMI, with over 10 years of experience in tint installation can expertly advise you on the type of tint that is legal for your vehicle.

«Stay within the law with your car window tinting»

Car Tint Installation Miami

We Offer Tinting Jobs for :

  • Car Windows
  • Car Tail Lights
  • Car Headlights
  • Boats and Yachts

We have all types of tint.

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